About Grace

Grace is an old-fashioned girl in a post-modern world. She’s a girl who likes old books and rainy days and puppies and singing. Her giggle is infectious and her smile is charming and her heart for the Lord shines through in everything she does. She likes her pizza with everything on it and weird things in her tuna salad.

Her roommate is writing this, just so you know. Her roommate has a strange sense of humor. Just call her Fred.

Grace is a dork. But a cool dork. She smells good – that one was a contribution from her other roommate.

But seriously. Grace is one of the few people in this world who I truly admire. Her heart for the Lord does shine through. She inspires me – but not in that, “oh, she’s so far above me! I could never be that, but I so wish I could!” way; instead, watching her grow in faith encourages and heartens me in my own growth and my own faith.

And she’s fun to hang out with. Giggle fits are not uncommon, but neither are heartfelt conversations about meaningful things. Everyone should have a Grace in their life. 🙂


One Response to About Grace

  1. Brittany says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. Everyone should definitely have a Grace in their life. However does anybody get on without one?

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