I want something more. I want something more than the run-of-the-mill christianity that is prevalent in the world today. I want passion in my walk with the Lord, audicity in my serving, a fiercer grip in my clinging to His promises, an ever-growing zeal to know more, a riddance of the fixation with self.

I realize and know more and more all the time that there are still plenty of open doors to darkness in my life. Things that are in my life which need rooted out, but are there under the guise of, like Saul, “doing sacrifice unto God!” I may have rooted out the bigger, grosser, and worst elements of my life, mind, and heart . . . but there are small things lingering. Small things which amount to a more significant size. They need to be gone!

Lord, show me what needs to be rooted out. Walk the corridors of every area of my life, and continue purge them of evilness and sin! Continue to take me through the refining process–chiseling, cleansing, shaping, weighing, cauterizing, burying, obliterating. There is victory to be had, Lord, and I know that and I want it. I want Your hand to be the sole guiding factor in my life–self can have no place. I don’t care if it hurts, and I know it will, but I know that amazing peace, joy, and vibrancy come from life lived truly set-apart for You! Thank you, Lord, for the place You’ve brought me to already. Thank you for this road of learning and growing You’re leading me on . . . there have been times of pain and uncertainty, but You’ve never left me. The pain and hardships are nothing compared to a life given over to service to You, Lord . . . for You are worthy!

This road of walking hand-in-hand with the Lord is one of excitment, thrill, and danger . . . and unimaginable rewards and delight! You will be hated and despised by the world, you will be sought after by the devil as he attempts to thwart you, you will be stripped of every last vestige of yourself, you will be laughed at and thought a fool, you will be falsely accused, you will be betrayed . . . and God will be on your side!

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  1. Christy says:

    I’m right there with you.
    Right there.
    We really need to talk soon.
    I’m praying for you. Really.
    I love you!

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