A life lived for Christ

How can I expect to have an intimate relationship with my Lord if I’m not willing to pursue it?

This has been a constant thought in the front of my mind for awhile now.

How can I expect to have a relationship with God when I’m caught up with the culture of today–the lights, the activites, the appetite-pleasing things of this day and age–instead of spending time pouring myself into knowing God? Instead of praying and crying out to Him for peace, strength, daily bread, trust, rest . . . it is so easy to turn to movies, books, anything to get our mind off of what’s going on and just have some “down time.”

I have been all to often guilty of this very thing. I hate it. How does any relationship flourish if one party doesn’t do anything to help it grow? It doesn’t.

I’m so thankful for the way the Lord has been chiseling away at my heart these last few weeks and months. It’s been such a wonderful growing time. Yes, there have been rough times. There are times that I look back and desperately regret what I chose to do in that instance or circumstance.

For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again. . . ” Prov.24.16

I know that I can’t get burdened down with regrets about my past–yes, the regrets are there, but God forgives (how undeserving we are, and how amazing HE is!) and we can go on in His strength, living victoriously in our walk with Him. My heart thrills at this!

My heart thrills at so many things these days–mostly the amazingness that is our Saviour. Think about it. There is nothing that compares! I thank the Lord that He has forgiven me, taken me as His own, will never leave me nor forsake me. Oh! how wonderful He is.

Oh! how worthy He is! Worthy of praise. Adoration. Love. Worship. Service. Honor. Trust. Faith. Thanksgiving.

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One Response to A life lived for Christ

  1. Brit-ta-nee says:

    Great entry Grace! 🙂

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