God’s Promises

What would life be like if we really and truly believed each and every promise of God? How would our lives be different? What would change in the way we live each day and relate to the world, our lives, circumstances, and those around us?

“Make a point, whenever you receive a promise from God, to get all you can out of it. If you carry out that rule, it is wonderful what you will gain. Some go on the principle of getting as little as possible out of God’s word. Such a plan may be wise with a man’s word, but God’s word is to be understood at the maximum, for he will do exceedingly abundantly above what you ask or even think.”

– Spurgeon

If you really think about this concept and ponder it to any extent at all, it is life-changing. I’ve only yet begun to scratch the surface, but I can already see that there is so much in God’s promises to me that I just pass over and ignore.

Belief. Trust. Faith.

Just think about what it would be like if we lived the way the heroes of the faith we read about it in the Bible and biographies of people in ages past lived. Imagine your life lived entirely and completely given to God–and I don’t mean that in the way that a lot of people say it, because so many people say that they have given their lives entirely over to God, and yet there are so, so many things that they still desperately cling to.

There is an amazing peace, contentment, and overwhelming greatness in a life given to God without holding anything back for yourself. There will be times of pain, times of seeming desperation, but when God is the one directing your life, it will be so much more amazing than we can ever comprehend right now. Imagine this with me!

Live it.

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