I figured…

…I shoud probably tell my *ahem* Very Large Readership that I will be gone for the next six and a half days.

I am going to the wedding of some friends in PA (they live in PA, but the wedding is actually going to be in NY). It should be a pretty full, fast, and fun trip!

I will be coming up with a few posts about how the Set-Apart Girl Conference I was staff at this past weekend went. (I was a student just as much as I was staff, though!) Oh, it was just so amazing, and inspiring, and life-altering, and convicting, and encouraging. I spent a good long time in prayer this morning praying through a lot of things, and God laid a bunch more things on my heart that are definite breaches in my life. It is somewhat daunting to have a list of things that are going to take some work and pain to overcome, but . . . I am not to be daunted! God is on my side, and I can do all things through Him!

I will also do a journal entry in the near future which will give a lot more info on the trip to Uganda I’m going to be taking this Setpember, Lord willing. Everything is still pretty scattered in my own mind, which is a little scary, but . . . I will write it all out for you, and that should help clarify some things even in my own mind.

I’m going to admit that things feel differently now that I know people are actually reading this. I’m going to really attempt to not let it make a difference, because I want it to be my heart coming through my writing–not just what I think people will want to read, or just what I may want people to read or not read right at that time.

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3 Responses to I figured…

  1. bexielouhou says:

    We miss you, dearie! Can’t wait to read your thoughts about the SAG conference!

  2. Grace says:

    Mama’s laughing at my use of the word “breeches”. 😀

  3. Grace says:

    How come you commented with my name, Mummy? And, yes, well, it now says “breaches”. *embarrassed* 😛

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