Faith in God is a really beautiful thing.

I realized that I have hardly any faith in God. It’s just faith at the very most basic of levels. Sure, I can say the words that I believe God can do this or that, and that I have faith that He’ll provide, and that He’ll help me through, and that . . . etc. But, I don’t have radical faith.

I don’t have faith that God will actually hear and answer my prayers in a tangible way. If I honestly had faith, why would I be surprised when He does?

So, through God helping me realize this in my own life . . . what did He do? Give me several tests to really give me opportunity to have faith in HIM. Oh, how precious is leading of the Lord! Faith is a beautiful and amazing thing, and I know that! Thank you, Lord, for testing my faith and helping me grow!

I heard a child the other day say “Oh, but it will. I know it will ’cause I prayed to God.”

Oh! for a faith as a child. Oh! for a faith that will not shrink.

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